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How the SlimCare Medical Process Works

Free Consultation

Book your consultation by selecting a date and time that suits you using our online consultation booking system and complete a pre-treatment health form. We will then call you at the designated consultation time to go through how the programme works.

Medical Suitability

Our patient advisors will recommend the best option for you so you can get the most out of your weight loss plan. We establish your suitability based on your expected weight loss and most importantly your suitability for the programme.

Prescription & Delivery

After you have completed your full health form and gone ahead with your chosen plan with an advisor, our nurse practitioners will raise your prescription and our dispatch team will proceed to process your order for dispatch within 3-5 working days. 

Start Your Slim Care Plan

Once you have received your programme, our nurse will give you a call after you have received your medication and to check you understand all the information. Check-ins take place every 7-14 days during your journey, you’ll have access to specialised aftercare every step of the way!

An Effective Journey To Long-Lasting Weight Loss

 At SlimCare, we are a medicated weight loss plan like no other, with dedicated support and a programme that provides better health. We have nurse practitioners who can provide you with expert advice and help you on your weight loss journey to reach your healthy weight goals.

Healthy living and weight loss with SlimCare Medical

Supervised Medicated Weight Loss Programme

With the support of SlimCare’s Nurse Practitioners, you’ll have expert guidance from day one of your journey. Our aim is to help you achieve success when it comes to reaching a healthy weight, we do this by giving you support throughout your journey. 

Flexible Options To Suit Your Journey

We offer a range of services to suit all stages of your journey towards healthy living that suit you and your lifestyle. From the first consultation with one of SlimCare’s Nurse Practitioners to long-term guidance, we support you even after you reach your goal weight.

Over 15,000 Successful Clients

With over 20 years of combined experience within the health industry, SlimCare has gained over 15,000 successful clients. We are the leading provider of successful weight loss services, which include dedicated weight loss programmes that is tailored to you!

Supportive Community Of Like-Minded People.

While on the SlimCare programmes you’ll be joining a Supportive Community Of Like-Minded People. They’re all focused on the same goals, to achieve better health, feel better in their own skin, make better food choices and achieve success. 

Our Success Stories

Saving my life!

I had tried all diets and I wanted to try something new that was scientifically proven to be effect. I was desperate to lose weight and I really wanted to change my life

Lockdown weight to wedding weight

I got engaged and we’re thinking about a family. I’m older so having a BMI of less than 30 is important if we need IVF.




Programme Length:
3-4 Weeks




Programme Length:
8-12 Weeks




Programme Length:
30 days


Weekly Pen


Programme Length:
4 Weeks

Members Area

A Note From the SlimCare Medical Team.

Welcome to the SlimCare Medical member’s site! This is an exclusive members area for all of you lovely people who are on the plan with us. We are here to support you in every way we can to ensure you get the most out of our SlimCare programmes and reach a healthier weight. You will find some amazing videos from the SlimCare kitchen, where you can learn to cook some quick, simple, low calorie and healthy dishes to support your weight loss journey.

There are already lots of meals to view, but we will have more launching every month! You can also find some uniquely curated exercise plans which have been styled to suit our patients’s busy lifestyles. These plans have been created to provide the maximum impact in the shortest period of time alongside your medication.

We will be working alongside training professionals to launch more plans all the time so keep coming back to see what we have launched. We also have big plans for the area and will be launching video Q&A sessions with our team in the coming months alongside videos helping you throughout your journey.

As well as the above we will be launching our forum in the coming weeks, so our users can engage with each other and discuss their experiences, issues, journey and any other tips you lovely people have for each other! We hope you enjoy the new area and welcome to the SlimCare family.

Real Success Story

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