Ambassador Kerry Katona Joins SlimCare Medical

Kerry Joins Slimcare Medical

SlimCare Medical are delighted to announce that Kerry Katona has joined the as a lead ambassador for their weight loss products and services

Kerry Taking A Walk At Caroline’s Home (CEO & Founder of The Original SkinnyJab Brand)

Caroline and Kerry go back a long way and had a fabulous working relationship for several years under SkinnyJab. Now that the new company, SlimCare Medical is launched, Kerry was the obvious choice.

Medicated weight loss changed Kerry’s life. She lost 2 stone 3 years ago and has kept this off. She occasionally goes back on the medication to maintain her weight, but other than that she uses the company’s herbal weight-loss capsules as a more long term solution.

Kerry has been living in the South of England for the past few years with her fiancé Ryan. She is currently in the process of moving back up to Cheshire. 

Filming has already begun,  lots of interviews with Kerry talking about her weight-loss journey, struggles with mental health and being a single mum with 5 kids to bring up. It’s not been easy and because of her career, on top of that, she has to keep in shape and look good too!

Caroline’s help over the years has been invaluable to Kerry and is the reason she is so passionate about the new SlimCare Medical. She is very excited to be involved with this new venture because the company provides a completely holistic approach. With tailored solutions for everyone, no matter how much weight you need to lose. With the vast variety of options available, it never made it easier to lose weight and adopt healthier lifestyle choices.

The herbal range, including peptides, fat burning capsules and herbal teas are a great addition to be used alone or with the medication for that extra non medicated boost

Kerry will soon be interviewing some of our patients who have lost incredible amounts of weight. We will be hearing their stories and how it’s changed their lives.

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