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Covid & Comfort Eating, SlimCare Medical Can Help

by SlimCare Patient Services
April 20, 2021

During the lockdown, we had a number of patients who used the opportunity to focus on our programmes and keep their weight in check.

However must of us got into bad habits during isolation and this was for a number of reasons for example- more time to eat, lack of daily routine, boredom etc.

So as the world is waking up and we all going back into the public domain, it’s no wonder that work clothes may be feeling a little tight as pyjamas are far too forgiving!

Well have no fear, SlimCare Medical is here!

Whether the pounds piled on during the pandemic or you need to lose weight for health issues, going on holiday etc, whatever is your reason our team are ready and waiting to help you reach those weight goals.

We have some great packages at the moment and our success rates are through the roof, our brilliant support team are smashing it.

Our medicated programmes are amazing and really work at helping curb cravings and so effective suppressing your appetite.

During Covid, SlimCare Medical doubled its support and aftercare service as we felt that during lockdown, our patients would need that extra contact especially as some were isolated on their own without being able to see friends or family. We were a vital life line to some and we are so glad that the company was in a financially stable position to provide the resources for that service.

We also found that giving this extra support to our patients had a dramatic effect on the weight-loss results. In fact in some cases absolutely record success levels were acheived. It was clearly evident that the investment made by the company to provide more easily accessible support advisors with enhanced regular aftercare advice, was abolutely crucial to the weight-loss journey experienced by the patient.

With this in mind, we are going to maintain this intensity of support and the company is currently recruiting more patient service advisors and clinicians across the country to meet with these demands.

SlimCare Medical is not a company that will ever compromise care over profit.

Trying to lose weight has never been a straight forward operation, if it was we would all be in the healthy BMI range.

Overeating is not just the reason why many people are overweight and pointing fingers and saying ‘well just eat less and exercise more’ it’s not helpful advice in many cases.

So many other factors can be the cause of weight gain, such as genetics, hormones, age, poor health, mental health, mobility issues, the list goes on and on.

All of us have a different reason for why we are overweight and are struggling to lose it. This is why SlimCare Medical provides a completely tailored service to suit you as an individual.

We recommend apps for our patients to monitor and record progress, but they can’t give you the specific advice or specialised help that you may need during your weight-loss journey, that’s why we use humans rather than computers for that job!

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