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How To Use The Ozempic Pen

by SlimCare Patient Services
July 21, 2021

How To Use The Ozempic Pen

Before we start with anything, you must read the important safety information. Thus, go ahead and read the instructions for use in the leaflet for important safety information. Before using the pen, after washing your hands, check your pen. Read the label to check that your pen contains Ozempic. You must ensure that the liquid is spotless. With that in mind, let our health experts at SlimCare Medical tell you how to use the Ozempic pen.

Preparation Of The Pen

Step 1: Attach a fresh needle. Your pen comes with six Novofine plus needles. You should always use a new needle for each injection.

Step 2: Open the tab made of paper. Take the pen and insert the needle.

Step 3: Turn it to the right until it’s tight and secure.

Step 4: Take out the cap of the needle present on the outside and keep it aside later.

Step 5: Throw away the needle cap that’s inside after pulling it out. You’ll see a small drop at the end of the needle, but that’s normal.

Step 6: Ensure that you don’t share your Ozempic pen with anybody else, even if the needle is new. There are high chances you might infect other people or contract other infections.

Check The Flow

Step 1: Turn the dial until a straight line with two dots lines up with the pointer. You need only do it once when you use a fresh pen.

Step 2: Keeping the pen pointing upwards, hold it up. Hold and press the button until it shows zero.

Step 3: The pointer must align with the zero. That ensures that the drug is flowing correctly.

Before you go ahead and employ a fresh pen, ensure you check the tip of the needle for a drop. If you don’t see any drop, even if the counter moves, you won’t be injecting the drug. In such instances, it mostly means that you have a faulty needle.

Step 4: If you don’t see a drop, repeat the flow check procedure more than six times. Also, if you still don’t see a drop, change the needle and repeat the flow check procedure once more.

Dosage Selection

Step 1: Ensure that the counter is showing the drug dosage. For that, continue to rotate the selector until that happens.

You need to inject either 0.25 milligrams or 0.5 milligrams.

Step 2: You can turn the selector forward or backwards to select your dose.

Step 3: The pointer for the dose must align with the selected dosage. That ensures that you have the right dosage.

Dose Injection

Step 1: You can inject in your stomach area, your thigh, or your upper arm.

Step 2: Ensure that you’re able to view the counter of the dose. Also, refrain from covering it.

Step 3: Wipe the area you want to inject with surgical spirit. You can then insert the needle. Hold on to the button by pressing it.

Step 4: At this point, you might be able to feel or hear a clicking sound. Before removing the needle from your skin, begin a slow countdown till 6. If you carry out the step in a hurry, you might inject only a portion of the drug.

Post Injection Steps

Step 1: Carefully take out the needle and place it in a sharp container.

Step 2: Put the pen cap back on.

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