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This pandemic has brought about many changes to our lifestyle habits and our outlook on life.

I hope that this has given people a chance to take stock and reflect on themselves and the world around us.

Our company has faced many challenges over the past 12 months. If coping with Covid wasn’t enough, we have had to rebrand completely.

Its been really hard and very upsetting when the company I built up over 4 years with a name that I trademarked has been banned from use. We have complied to the legalities, but I am sad that ruthless competitors used and abused the name, and now even I can’t use it, and I own it!!

We have renamed our company SlimCare, and hopefully, others won’t start using this name to trade off the back of our success.

As the UK’s leading weight-loss company, we offer exceptional aftercare and support with nurses, nutritionists, pharmacists and psychotherapists.

Obesity management is a very complex subject and requires expertise. All our practitioners are highly trained to tailor our programmes individually and specifically to you.

Trying to lose weight is difficult and challenging at the best of times plus doing it on your own makes the process even harder. This may result in giving up and not achieving the desired outcome.

We know all about the obstacles, and our job is to guide you every step of the way. The pharmaceutical industry has come a long way in developing methods to help fight obesity. Science is playing a crucial part, and these exciting innovations are making a huge difference.

However, we are human beings, and physical science cannot always tackle all the emotional and psychological issues that many of us have with food.

SlimCare is devoted to dealing with these issues. We are a vital resource, and you have access to this assistance anytime during your weight loss journey.

I may have had to change the company name, but I haven’t changed my ethos or devotion and passion for everything we do.

Caroline Balazs
For more information, call us on our Free Phone number
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