SlimCare Detox Tea

SlimCare Detox Tea


Daytime Blend

Our Daytime Blend has been developed by wellness professionals and our specialised nutritionists to help boost your metabolism, reduce water retention, boost immunity, fights bloating and help aid your weight loss journey.

Our SJ Daytox is energising, kickstarts your metabolism and releases toxins with every cup.

With all-natural herbs, no laxatives or nasties! Drink your tea once or twice throughout the day to feel beautiful inside and out.

Night Time Blend

Enjoy a better rest and a deeper sleep with our caffeine-free night time TeaTox!

Our all-natural night time tea helps you slim down while enhancing your quality of sleep.

Our SJ Night Tox is a soothing mix of tea leaves to help detox your body whilst your sleep leaving you feeling fresh and energised when you wake up!