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Orders will only be dispatched once your health form is complete and you’ve had a full consultation. If you’re found unsuitable for the plan, a full refund will be made.

SlimCare Repeat Subscriptions

Have you already tried our products and now want to take advantage of our amazing subscription offers? We have a plan specifically for you! take a look below and choose your perfect plan. 

SlimCare Liraglutide Repeat Subscription


Programme Length:
3-4 week


SlimCare Repeat Oral Subscription


Programme Length:
30 day

Semaglutide tablets

SlimCare Repeat Weekly Pen Subscription


Programme Length:
4 weeks


Repeat Customers – Pay as you go

Have you bought from us before but want to buy as a one-off purchase? No problem, the products below are specifically for you. 


Need additional needles or supporting treatments, we have you covered take a look below and purchase your one-off products now.