SkinnyJab® to SlimCare Medical® – Why??

Caroline Balazs is now well known for being the creator and founder of the brand SkinnyJab®.

On August 31st 2017, the Daily Mail wrote an article that put SkinnyJab® firmly on the map and has since become a household name for medicated weight-loss. However the name was so catchy and popular that competitors also decided to use the name. SkinnyJab® is owned and trademarked by Caroline Balazs, but it didn’t stop others using it to gain profits and business from her good reputation.

In January 2021 the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) & MHRA (Medicines & Health Regulatory Authority) decided that enough was enough. The word ‘SkinnyJab’ is now banned from use and anyone using the name or similar for advertising could face unlimited fines and even custodial sentence.

Although Caroline owned the rights to SkinnyJab®, she accepted their argument that the name was controversial and also wanted to stop competitors trading using the name to their advantage.

SkinnyJab® also dropped Gemma Collins towards the end of 2020 because she was not endorsing healthy lifestyle choices. This was an insult to Caroline who had worked tirelessly with the celebrity and helped her lose 3 stone. 

We basically had to start all over again as we took a massive hit because no one knew us as SlimCare Medical®. Also competitors were and are  still using the word SkinnyJab® in vain attempts to milk it to the end. 

In one way it was horrific losing everything Caroline had worked for, but on the other it was a new beginning with opportunities to offer a more holistic approach to weight loss and healthy lifestyle.

SlimCare Medical is expanding horizons to give their patients more choices. Financially SkinnyJab® Ltd  has suffered a great deal because without the name allowed for trading and advertising, it became impossible with all the new legislation enforcement regarding the use of the name.

The new company SlimCare Medical® Ltd will not only offer clinically based medicated weight-loss solutions that are proven to work. But also a range of herbal and holistic products which will be launched over the next few months. This is so our patients have choices and can continue their weight loss journey with or without taking  the medication.

The new website is still under construction, but watch this space for a whole host of recipe videos showing step by step really healthy quick and easy tasty meals to enjoy whilst on the programme. These will start to be added over the coming weeks on the website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

SlimCare Medical® are also delighted to announce that Kerry Katona has joined the company as exclusive brand ambassador. Caroline & Kerry are not only great friends, but their passion for helping people has become a formidable force in the fight against obesity. 

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