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Stop Insomnia – And Sleep Yourself Thin

What you eat and when eat plays a critical part to getting a good nights sleep. Many of our patients are amazed that sleeping patterns regulate and drastically improve. This can be really good news for the many of us that suffer with insomnia.

SlimCare Medical can tackle the issue a number of ways. The medication we use for helping weight loss such as Liraglutide & Semiglutide is designed to regulate blood glucose levels. During the night, whilst we are sleeping, these levels can dramatically drop, this can cause the body to ‘wake-up’. If the glucose levels are being controlled, then this is less likely to happen and a more peaceful nights sleep is experienced.

Other factors that contribute to restlessness during the night, is having too much sugar and alcohol just before bedtime. Research has shown that the body is designed to consume the majority of calories between 10am and 2pm. Anyone who is doing or has done our programmes knows that we advise a specific dietary plan that not only compliments the medications that we use to maximise weight-loss, but we utilise the diet to regulate general well being. This includes adopting good healthy sleep patterns and stopping daytime tiredness and energy dips.

Feeling refreshed and revived after a good nights sleep is vital to your overall physical and mental well-being. We at SlimCare are doing everything we can to make this happen with our ever expanding holistic & herbal ranges that compliment any of our medicated weight-loss programmes.

One of our most recent product additions is our ‘Night-Time Detox Tea’ Containing all natural herbs, gmo free and vegan friendly. For more information on this and our other products, please visit the shop

For a restful nights sleep. Wake up refreshed & revived with this pure herbal remedy

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