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Success Story

Emma Graveling

What made you start on the plan?

So far, in 25 weeks I have lost 4st 7lb with Slim Care Medical. I first found out about their products and programs after seeing Kerry Katona’s success online.

I spent weeks thinking about joining, trying to work out if it was worth the cost and if it would work for me. I finally plucked up the courage to call the team whilst sitting in my car, outside a supermarket. I will remember that call forever and I’ve never looked back.

How did you find the plan?

The lady I spoke to was knowledgable, down to earth and we chatted about my previous attempts at losing weight and why it didn’t work as well as what the program entailed, I had lots of questions which were all answered honestly and sincerely.
I decided at the end of the call to not sign up straight away and to think it over, however by the next day I was signed up and awaiting my parcel of products!

I started my journey in October 2020, I found it so easy using the guidance and help that I was given and I lost 10lb in my first week which spurred me on to carry on week on week. Whenever I have had a question or a week when I’ve not lost as much weight as I would like then I’ve spoken to the team at Slim Care Medical who have advised me on tweaking my eating or activity. Even after 25 weeks I still learn new things about the products and program, there are always tweaks that can be made to the plan which is why the continued support is so amazing and unique.

Losing weight has made me happier but also healthier, I feel like a completely different person. My health has improved no end, My heart rate and blood pressure are no longer sky high and I am now able to be active with my family without needing a sit down! When I started this journey my size 16 clothes were getting too tight. I’m now buying size 10 and 8 summer clothes…. I won’t be hiding away in baggy dresses this summer!

What was the outcome of your journey?

By the end of my journey I hope to have lost 5st 7lb, I hope to have achieved this by Summer 2021… with the support of Slim Care Medical I know I can do this!

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Emma Graveling

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