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Caroline Balazs

Caroline Balazs

Nurse Practitioner

Your journey on plan

Why you chose the plan

I have battled with my weight since my late teens. I’ve done every diet under the sun. I’ve been thin. I’ve been fat, and I’ve done a lot of yo-yo-ing in between.

What you wanted to achieve

After very low self-esteem and bouts of depression, but I had just to accept it. It all started while working in a GP surgery in Manchester in February 2017, when I worked to devise a programme that would genuinely work. After trialling the programme myself, I lost two stone and have never looked back.

How you found the plan

The Slimcare Programme has kept my weight steady, and I no longer fluctuate. My sugar cravings have completely gone.

Your results

I don’t feel hungry and cannot overeat. And the habits I built have freed me from being an emotional eater, which was always a problem.

The Programme is about being healthy and feeling good about yourself – now that may be a size 8 for some people or a size 18 for others.

A fun fact about you:

Saved and adopted Alsatian from Romania. She is now 4 years old and is called Freya


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