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Terry William Obeng

Terry William Obeng

Superintendent Pharmacist

I’m Terry, the superintendent pharmacist and I am responsible for the overall clinical safety, practice and guidelines here at Slimcare Medical. With many years of experience working within the NHS and private sectors as an independent prescribing pharmacist, I specialise in the management of chronic disease (diabetes, cardiovascular and respiratory), minor illness and the medical management of obesity.

My passion is making the difference to each patient, and I bring this passion and experience into my work at Slimcare. I understand the modern-day challenges of trying to maintain a healthy weight through diet and exercise in addition to the mental health aspects of weight management. Here at SlimCare Medical, we work as a collective team to ensure patient safety is upheld and use our expertise to help patients achieve their weight goals to live healthier and happier lives.

I work in the Prescribing and Pharmacy Department at SlimCare. I’m here to help answer any questions you have about any of our plans or products available on the website.

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