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Top Diets That Are Backed By Science

by SlimCare Patient Services
June 8, 2021

Top Diets That Are Backed By Science

With the endless availability of diet plans, you may come across many that work well for you! However, the key to a balanced, healthy, and not forgetting, happy diet lifestyle is finding a diet that you like and can stick to in the long run.

Here are some of the most effective diets that are supported by science. You can go through each of the diets and select the one that ticks all the boxes for you!

Mediterranean Diet:

The Mediterranean diet encourages the consumption of foods that were popular during the 20th century and earlier in and around the Mediterranean region. It includes consuming plenty of whole grains, dairy products, fish, vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, fruits, legumes, and poultry.

Several studies have been made on the Mediterranean diet, and many have revealed positive effects. Among the various health benefits, a Mediterranean diet is closely linked to the effective prevention of heart disease.

Vegan Diet:

A vegan diet comes under the category of plant-based diets. It has become increasingly popular in the past few years and is still extremely popular in the fitness industry. People generally follow a vegan diet for three main reasons – health, environmental, and ethics. Regardless of your reason, the benefits of a vegan diet cannot be denied.

Some of the benefits of a vegan diet include weight loss, better blood sugar control, and improved heart health.

The diet is completely based on plant foods and avoids the consumption of all animal products.

Low-carb, whole-food diet:

This is one of the most flexible diets there is, allowing you to set your carb intake based on your unique requirements and fitness goals. A low-carb whole-food diet includes vegetables, fruits, meat, fats, eggs, nuts, and fish. Additionally, the diet is low in sugars, processed food, and starches.

If you’re aiming to lower the risk of diseases, lose weight or improve your overall health, then a low-carb, whole food diet is ideal for you.

Gluten-free diet:

Gluten is a protein usually found in barley, wheat, and rye. Hence, as the name suggests, a gluten-free diet is essential for gluten-intolerant people.

For the best health results, people on a gluten-free diet should consume foods that are naturally do not contain any gluten.

Summing it up:

Due to the endless availability of diets, you may end up confused as to which single diet to follow; we understand why because the internet is full of fad diets. However, you should note that some diet plans have more scientific support than others, plus it depends on your body type. Hence, whether you’re trying to lose weight or improve your overall health, it is best if you stick to a diet backed by science and research.

At SlimCare Medical, we help you make better choices about the food you’re eating, which in turn helps you lose weight. If you are struggling to control your weight, you don’t need to handle it alone; speak to one of our dieticians today.

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