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Top Diets You Should Try

by SlimCare Patient Services
June 9, 2021

Top Diets You Should Try

If you’ve been searching for effective weight loss diets and strategies, you may have already come across fad diets.

For the uninitiated, fad diets are diet plans sold as the fastest and best approach to losing weight. They are extremely popular among people trying to lose weight. Despite the lack of scientific evidence, fad diets promise fast weight loss coupled with other health benefits. However, don’t just opt for any fad diet as they are most nutritionally unbalanced and not a long-term weight loss strategy.

Having said that, some fad diets are relatively better than the rest. What’s more, these diets have also revealed weight loss effects in high-quality and controlled studies. Additionally, they are also considered to be well-balanced, sustainable and healthy.

Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet, or simply the Keto diet, is a type of fad diet that is highly effective for losing weight.

So, how does this diet work for weight loss? A Keto diet simply requires a person to lower their insulin level and shift their primary fuel source from sugar to ketones. At its core, it is a very low carb, high-fat diet plan that has many similarities with other low-carb diets such as Atkins.

The Keto diet involves reducing your carb intake by a large margin and replacing it with fats. This process puts your body in a metabolic state, known as Ketosis. Once your body reaches this state, it becomes highly efficient at burning stored fat for energy, thereby promoting weight loss.

Not just weight loss, but the Keto diet is also linked with reduced blood sugar levels and insulin levels.

Atkins Diet

If we are to compare, the Atkins diet is the most popular low-carb weight loss diet worldwide. The name of diet comes from its creator, Robert Atkins, a cardiologist, who introduced the Atkins diet in the early 1970s. The primary function of this diet is to cause fast weight loss without any feeling of hunger.

Atkins diet includes four stages. The initial two-week Induction Phase restricts carb intake up to 20 grams a day. Simultaneously, it allows you to consume unlimited amounts of fat and protein.

From the third week on, the diet requires you to gradually build up your carb intake by 5-gram to determine your “critical carbohydrate levels” for losing weight and maintaining it.

The Zone Diet

Created by biochemist Dr. Barry Sears in the mid-1990s, the Zone diet falls under the category of a fad diet as it focuses on a strict intake ratio of fat, carbs, and protein to achieve optimal weight loss and improved health.

A follower must make up their calorie intake with 30% healthy fat, 40% high-fiber carbs, and 30% lean protein in this type of diet. Additionally, you should consume these foods as a prescribed number of “blocks” at snacks and meals.

One of the major ways the Zone diet works is by reducing body inflammation, thereby allowing you to lose weight faster.

If you are struggling to control your weight, you don’t need to handle it alone; speak to one of our dieticians at SlimCare Medical.

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