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Weight Loss – Frequently Asked Questions

by SlimCare Patient Services
June 11, 2021

Weight Loss – Frequently Asked Questions

The weight loss industry is gigantic, providing you with thousands of solutions to achieve your desired body goals. Due to the endless variations of diets, strategies, and products, consumers are often left with too many unanswered questions. At SlimCare Medical, we are here to remove the confusion and help you make better food choices when losing weight.

Hence, we’ve listed down some of the most commonly asked questions about weight loss, and we’ve also provided the answer to each question.

Does dieting work?

Dieting and its effect on weight loss have been a matter of debate for years now. While some studies back the effects of certain diets on weight loss, there is no one to prove its 100% effectiveness. Hence, the best you can do is follow the most recommended combination – dieting and exercise. This way, you can shed some extra calories.

Can drinking water help in weight loss?

Drinking water before meals is a popular weight-loss strategy as it fills you up and stops you from consuming excess calories. It also fills your appetite and reduces junk food and snack cravings.

Which fats should you avoid consuming for weight loss?

Saturated fats cause weight gain. As per the government dietary guidelines, saturated fats should make up less than 10% of your calorie intake. Now, this doesn’t mean avoiding unsaturated fat is a shortcut to weight loss. However, when you replace processed foods and butter with more healthy options like olive oil, avocado, cold-water fish, nuts, etc., it aids in weight loss and improves overall health.

How much exercise do I need to do to lose weight?

There is no shortcut to losing weight and maintaining it. The hard truth is that it requires dedication, effort, and hard work. On average, one hour of moderate exercise per day, like jogging 4-5 miles, is required for maintaining optimal body weight.

If I overeat at lunch, then should I skip dinner?

The short answer to this would be No. If you’re trying to lose weight, then you should not skip meals. If you skip dinner, you’ll wake up hungrier and are more likely to eat more or nibble on junk foods.

Even though all meals are essential and you shouldn’t skip any, breakfast is the most important one you shouldn’t miss at all costs.

Are all calories the same? Do 100 calories of chocolate create the same weight gain as 100 calories of apple?

Yes. However, there is a slight variation. The calories in fruits will be healthier and more filling than ones found in chocolate.

Does eating breakfast help in dieting?

Yes, It does. According to a study that included nearly 3000 successful dieters, eating breakfast played a crucial role in helping their diet because it made them eat less during the day, but it kept them slightly more active.

If you are struggling to control your weight, you don’t need to handle it alone; at SlimCare Medical, we here to help, get in touch today.

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