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What Are Liraglutide & Semiglutide

Liraglutide & Semiglutide are a range of drugs called GLP agonist receptors.
Originally developed and still used for the control of type-2 diabetes.
However, it was discovered that a side-effect of taking this medication was weight loss.
Studies showed that patients could lose over 5% of body fat over a 6 month period.
This had an overall improvement to health including lowing of blood pressure and cholesterol levels too.
Liraglutide brand Saxenda was licensed for weight loss in 2017 for people with a BMI over 27
Other similar drugs containing Semiglutide such as the weekly injection, Ozempic and the tablet form Rybelsus are also proving very effective for obesity management. This group of drugs are not licensed, but clinicians can legally prescribe them if in the patients best interests to do so.

What are GLP Agonist Drugs?

They are a group of drugs containing a synthetic hormone hunger hormone, GLP-1. The release of GLP-1 acts on the receptors in the appetite-control section of the brain, reducing your appetite. It slows down gastric emptying, keeping you fuller for longer which further reduces your appetite.

They also help your pancreas release just the correct amount of insulin to deal with your body’s glucagon, meaning it works differently for each person’s individual needs. This allows sugars and carbs to be broken down in an effective way without causing cravings which therefore avoids those quick-fix sugary temptations and a hunger for carbs. It also helps reduce leptin levels, which is a key hormone in causing a metabolism slow-down.

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