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Your Care Is Our Priority

At SlimCare Medical, we adjust your dose specifically to you. We are not all the same, what suits one, may not suit another. It’s not generic, it’s not one size fits all. High doses of Saxenda does not mean higher weight loss, the only pounds you will lose are out of your pocket.

SlimCare Medical prides itself with integrity and being honest, this is at the core of the company ethos that Caroline Balazs has created since 2017.

As a woman in her early fifties, Caroline Balazs has heard all the false dreams and done every diet known to man. I created this company because the results were real and worked for me. However, like anything, it’s not just about the medication, it how it’s managed. That is why SlimCare Medical is different, we take the time to troubleshoot your journey every step of the way.

Caroline Balazs has been the pioneer in creating dietary research-based programmes that work. The drugs involved are expensive, maximising their efficacy not only is cost-effective but brings the best possible weight loss results.

Caroline is so proud to announce that lives have changed, obesity is being conquered and there is finally hope to the many who struggle with their weight.

For many women, food is a constant issue, it’s a daily battle. It doesn’t have to be this way, life is too short. Many of us have suffered years of fad diets, seeing food as an enemy, not ever being able to truly enjoy it and feeling constantly guilty.

Caroline Balazs was the original founder of SkinnyJab and owns the trademark. The name was very controversial and banned in February 2021 so was renamed the SlimCare to comply with regulations. However unscrupulous competitors are still using the SkinnyJab name and this is currently being investigated by the relevant authorities.

Caroline single handily changed the diet industry as we know it, she remains unrecognised for this amazing achievement. Big pharmacy chains, seeing big money, are trying to replicate what she started, but without the experience, integrity or care that has always been at the core of the company

Caroline says ‘I created a concept 4 years ago with the sole purpose to help people struggling with their weight. The diet industry is riddled with marketing fads and false dreams, nothing genuine or real, most of it a total con. I found something that I knew would be a game-changer and it has proved to be the absolute answer. However, even an amazing product like this is going to be used and abused.

This is exactly what is happening with unscrupulous competitors jumping on the band waggon even by industries such as pharmacies that we should be able to trust. They use your perception and beliefs to their advantage. But they only want to sell the products as fast as they can and make quick money.

The products are only as good as the management behind them. Anyone can buy anything, but if no one tells you how to use it to the maximum efficacy, then what’s the point. Supporting patients on their weight loss journey is the absolute key to success”

The company has invested heavily in a clinically-based support team with specialised nurse practitioners helping you at every stage.

Caroline reveals “I’m not ever going to compromise this service just for a wider profit margin. That is not what we are about and I get so disheartened by seeing the increasing fast grab greed for financial gain that is plaguing the health care industry. Professional practitioners such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists are respected by the public because we have this status. I see so much abuse of this trust every day, it’s so wrong.

We have a duty to be honest, have our patients welfare at the heart of everything we do and follow a strict code of ethical practice. I have recently been a victim and witnessed sheer corruption within such organisations, mainly the pharmaceutical industry.

The UK is in the midst of an obesity crisis, something needs to be done about it. SlimCare Medical, formerly SkinnyJab has helped over 20,000 patients with a staggering and maintained weight loss and successfully losing over 200 tonnes of pure fat from the British public. Lives have been changed and probably been saved because of the company’s tireless efforts to tackle the obesity crisis head-on.

The company model and structure is totally unique, providing the highest standards of care unprecedented in comparison to similar providers.

Caroline adds ‘Maybe one day we will be recognised for the special work that we have already achieved. Theories and hypothesis are imaginary, talking about the ideals and having meetings about meetings achieves absolutely nothing, but that is the world we are in. Actually doing something productive and having practical effective working solutions has sadly been lost because no one allowed to be innovative, no one allowed to think for themselves anymore. The end result is frustration, suffocation, misery, drudgery and life of existence. We only get one life, it’s a gift and no corrupt powers, no authorities, no political claptrap is ever going to stop me living it or using my talents to give that opportunity to free others’